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Six Steps To A Healthy Lifestyle

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Changing your health habits is kind of a big deal. It takes time and focus. It can also produce benefits that can change your life. If you have a good plan, you can be more efficient and you can increase your likelihood of success. This book provides a framework for that plan and has six steps: Get Ready, Measure Your Health, Set Goals, Build Skills, Form Habits and Help Others. Most people think of health as something much broader than physical health, and a growing number of physicians and scientists have begun to study this expanded perspective. The American Journal of Health Promotion, one of the leading research journals in the field, defines optimal health as "a dynamic balance of physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual health." Six Steps to a Healthy Lifestyle will help you assess your current health, give you the tools to help you identify what you want to change and the framework for a practical plan to be successful. Based on proven science, the content is presented in an easy-to-follow, engaging style, including real-life examples from the author's personal experience. You will learn about the relationship between your lifestyle and your health and be empowered and motivated to begin your personal journey today. Improving your lifestyle, especially if you focus on what is most important to you, will improve the quality of your life and your personal sense of wellbeing in ways you have never imagined. To your good health!

Fitness Lifestyle

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Fitness Lifestyle

Do your boss or others at work look out of shape, negative and dejected? Do you stop to think about your own health and wellness, and ask"Is this where I'm headed?" Do you see others living uninspired, unmotivated lives and wonder if this is the way things have to be? Maybe you have neglected the health and fitness of your own body and are afraid you cannot get things under control. Well, YOU CAN.Your life does not have to be one of chaos. Fitness Lifestyle will show you how you canchoose and design the healthy lifestyle you desire. In doing so, you can have a positive influence on your community. Our bodies are outward representations of our minds. This book outlines5 simple practices for your mind to control and shape your body. Bodily exercises are useless without supporting mental exercises. To incorporate physical exercise and fitness into your life that WORK, this book will give you the mental tools and equipment necessary. By following the practices in this book, you will be able to train your mind and body to accomplish what you want.

Healthy Lifestyle Diet With Wellness And Dietary Guide

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A healthy lifestyle can consist of many different things depending on each individual person. If you are a fitness guru, diet seeker, animal friendly or even your religion can determine what is considered a healthy lifestyle. Generally speaking however, a healthy lifestyle is a lifestyle in which you are cautious about your health and body. This means that you are careful about what you put into your body and how you take care of your body. Many people believe that leading a healthy lifestyle includes watching what you eat, not smoking and exercising on a daily basis. Healthy eating can consist away staying from sugar, caffeine and alcohol.

A Guide To Staying Healthy Pregnancy And Your Baby

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At last, here's a practical guide on staying fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy! If this is your first time being pregnant, then this book is absolutely for you. Filled with straightforward advice, this book cuts to the chase and gives you the facts straight- from knowing the symptoms of pregnancy, to dealing with the discomfort that comes with it, to letting you know what's safe and not safe to eat or drink, how much exercise you should be doing, and even style and beauty recommendations, there's a lot for you to know that will benefit you during these important 9 months of your life. Nothing is more important than that of your health and your baby's well-being, so get this book and learn more about being healthy, happy and staying safe while waiting for your precious little one to come into this world. A must-read for moms everywhere! Finally, all the answers to your questions about pregnancy health are here!

Lifestyle Medicine 2016

RRP $354.99

There are several premises that establish the need for this book.  First, that management of lifestyle is a necessary component for wellness and health promotion, as well as disease prevention and management.  Second, that physicians and allied health professionals lack sufficient education and training in lifestyle medicine to fulfill the imperative in the first point above.  Third, that existing publications, including a few detailed books on the topic, focus on theory and evidence but not practical implementation in clinical practice.  It is this third point that will be specifically targeted by this book.
How will the book be organized to achieve the third target above?  A clinical context will be provided first, which defines the need and nature of lifestyle medicine within a paradigm of preventive medicine. Next, the individual components of lifestyle medicine will be presented: nutrition, fitness, sleep, and behavior.  Then, specific case studies - spanning wellness, cancer, metabolic disease, cardiovascular-renal-liver disease, etc. --  will be presented with relevant theory, evidence, and practical aspects of lifestyle medicine implementation.  Finally, a compendium of practical resources will be provided.Each chapter will be written by a bona fide expert and the format will be highly structured and consistent throughout the book for clarity, brevity, and up-to-date content.  The expectation is that concepts can be easily translated into practice by the reader.
To my knowledge, although there are a few textbooks on lifestyle medicine, which are rather comprehensive, encyclopedic, and exhaustive, none are designed specifically for practical implementation.  This book therefore extends work in this burgeoning field.


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