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Lifestyle Medicine 2016

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There are several premises that establish the need for this book.  First, that management of lifestyle is a necessary component for wellness and health promotion, as well as disease prevention and management.  Second, that physicians and allied health professionals lack sufficient education and training in lifestyle medicine to fulfill the imperative in the first point above.  Third, that existing publications, including a few detailed books on the topic, focus on theory and evidence but not practical implementation in clinical practice.  It is this third point that will be specifically targeted by this book.
How will the book be organized to achieve the third target above?  A clinical context will be provided first, which defines the need and nature of lifestyle medicine within a paradigm of preventive medicine. Next, the individual components of lifestyle medicine will be presented: nutrition, fitness, sleep, and behavior.  Then, specific case studies - spanning wellness, cancer, metabolic disease, cardiovascular-renal-liver disease, etc. --  will be presented with relevant theory, evidence, and practical aspects of lifestyle medicine implementation.  Finally, a compendium of practical resources will be provided.Each chapter will be written by a bona fide expert and the format will be highly structured and consistent throughout the book for clarity, brevity, and up-to-date content.  The expectation is that concepts can be easily translated into practice by the reader.
To my knowledge, although there are a few textbooks on lifestyle medicine, which are rather comprehensive, encyclopedic, and exhaustive, none are designed specifically for practical implementation.  This book therefore extends work in this burgeoning field.

Digital Rights Management

RRP $304.99

This book provides an overview of digital rights management (DRM), including: an overview of terminology and issues facing libraries, plus an overview of the technology including standards and off-the-shelf products. It discusses the role and implications of DRM for existing library services, such as integrated library management systems, electronic reserves, commercial database licenses, digital asset management systems and digital library repositories. It also discusses the impact that DRM 'trusted system' technologies, already in use in complementary areas, such as course management systems and web-based digital media distribution, may have on libraries. It also discusses strategies for implementing DRM in libraries and archives for safeguarding intellectual property in the web environment. * A practical guide that places DRM within the context of the services and practices of the library and offers guidance on getting started* An understandable overview of the technologies and standards involved in digital rights management* An overview of the DRM landscape beyond libraries, with an emphasis on how this landscape impacts libraries and shapes DRM generally. In particular, the e-learning and digital media distribution arenas are embracing DRM, with significant potential impact

How To Live Abundant Lifestyle

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This book shows how to set your life right so that you can make the right choices and apply the right objectives and maintain a lifestyle that will enable you achieve your true value in life. The challenges you experience in your life maybe those that do not facilitate your success but are distractions. This is because of lack of the knowledge of principles found in this book. Young people are especially advised to follow these principles and techniques found here so that they will easily understand what is going on in their lives and be able to avoid mistakes and make progress towards living the best lifestyle; the abundant lifestyle. This book enables both young and old to get what they need to achieve success. Everyone really needs to follow the principles written in this work in order to change the violent, poverty ridden, and hatred lifestyle covering the earth. The world of diseases and greed cannot bring about the beautiful world we all dream about. These principles will show everyone how to make progress in their own personal lives. The progress in living a life of great abundance and perfection is really easy though you need to make the effort. This is not lazy person's lifestyle even though everyone can do it. The perfect lifestyle is what this book shows. For you to achieve perfection in your life means that you will always be confident, joyful, not afraid of death and not troubled by diseases, terrorism or violence, and poverty, etc, the ills of mankind's societies.


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Wellness Lifestyle Trick Frugal Living Vegetarian Lifestyle
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