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Discover How You Can Finally Get Rid Of Stress Naturally With The Ultimate Yoga Handbook "(That Reveals The Exact Steps On How You Can DRAMATICALLY Enhance Your Wellness Through Yoga)" Living a life of abundance, happiness and fulfillment is not as hard as you might think - neither it's something just a few lucky people are destined to experience. Getting rid of stress and living a worry-free life is actually much simpler than you thought it would be. This Book Is A Must Have For You: If you feel like stress is not letting you perform at your full potential or enjoy life to the utmost. If you no longer want to spend your life worrying about what might go wrong (even if it rarely goes wrong!) If you hate the inability to control your mind, body and emotions. Generally, it's a must read if you want to relieve stress and revitalize your body completely, but WITHOUT spending tons of money on hyped courses or losing your sanity on the way to a happy, stress-free life! Here Is A Short Preview Of What You Are Going To Learn in This Life-Changing Book: How To Avoid Stress To Secure Energy And Vitality Alternative Ways To Fight Stress An Ancient Chinese Healing Method for Stress And Diseases A Simple, Yet Powerful Tip To Use Any Time You're Stressed How To Use Yoga To Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind & Spirit Much, Much More Don't lose any more time... Scroll Up & Download Your Copy Now!"

Yoga For Men

RRP $13.99

Now updated with 40 Yoga Pose descriptions AND images!

Let Yoga Redefine Your Way of Life!Want to lose weight and look your handsome best?Tired of going to the gym and spending hundreds of dollars for no visible results?It's time to welcome you to the world of Yoga!Rising health and fitness author, Michael Williams brings to you "Yoga for Men", an all-inclusive guide to yoga that is designed to fulfill a man's fitness needs. If you have been trying to lose weight by following the diet fads, chances are good that you have achieved no visible results!

Use This Yoga Guide to Get a Stronger BODY & Sharper MIND!

To attain total physical and mental fitness, it is important for you to combine proper diet with appropriate exercises. Here in this book, Michael Williams shows you how you can shape up just by practicing yoga every day!

What to expect from "Yoga for Men"

  • Introduction to Yoga that's designed FOR MEN!
  • 40 Yoga Poses WITH images!
  • Step by Step Guide to each Yoga pose!
  • How-to's of breathing exercises
  • Do's and Dont's
  • Simple and fluid language
  • Easy read that doesn't take a lifetime to finish
  • After you finish reading "Yoga for Men"

    Once you finish reading through the chapters of this book, you will know all about the importance of Yoga, and why it is a necessary exercise for men. With this book at your disposal, you can:
    • Start practicing Yoga right away!
    • Feel fresh and rejuvenated after each session!
    • Tone your muscles!
    • Achieve physical fitness like never before!
    • Enjoy peace of mind!

    About the author:

    A fitness enthusiast and a nutrition expert, Michael Williams has always promoted yoga as a necessary daily exercise for both men and women. Being in the fitness industry, he has helped numerous clients achieve their ultimate state of physical fitness and overall well-being. Now he is on his way to influencing more people through his books. He has recently launched his book "Yoga for Men", which has garnered great reviews from readers.

    Lifestyles And Subcultures

    RRP $268.99

    Lifestyles and subcultures are tools through which people say - to themselves and to others - who they think they are, who they think they are similar to, and who they think they are different from. Lifestyles and subcultures are ways which people adopt to look at their own lives, and to try to keep together different roles, different practices and different realms which they are involved in. Lifestyles and subcultures are lenses through which we, as observers, analyze society, and orientate ourselves within it, looking for similarities and differences among individuals and collectivities which allow us to understand their thoughts and their actions.

    This book presents the main analytical approaches through which lifestyles and subcultures have been studied, and also proposes a new interpretative perspective. Today a growing panorama of social phenomena and processes possess intermediate characteristics with regard to those which in the past were identified either as lifestyles or as subcultures. The hypothesis is that consequently these phenomena could be explained and interpreted by means of an analytical framework developed by the intersection of these two perspectives, and the last part of the book is therefore devoted to the presentation of this innovative framework. This book provides new lenses and a fresh view to try to both grasp and understand a constantly-changing reality.


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